Certificate of Analysis

What is Certificate Of Analysis (COA) ?

California government requires to test each batch of a cannabis product before it goes to the stores. Although, Allure hemp is not required to run these tests as our product contains no THC, we want to provide a piece of mind to our customers and run the tests anyway.

Is the COA legit?

  • The testing laboratory’s name, license number and full number
  • The Distributor’s name, license number and full address
  • The Cultivator’s, Manufacturer’s, or micro-business’s name
  • Batch information that corresponds to compliance batch the sample was obtained. (Every product comes with the batch number to identify the batch number)
  • Unique ID
  • Sample type (oil, flower, edible, etc)
  • Batch size
  • Sample Information including:
    • Date of collection by testing lab
    • Date received by testing lab
    • Date of analysis for each test required
    • Size of sample
    • Analytical method used in the analysis required


batch 20190201 – results