who are we?

Allure Hemp was inspired by family and friends. When multiple family members an close friends experienced chronic back and shoulder pain, growing tired of over-the-counter addictive medications. We decided to apply our passion for CBD to alleviate pain not only in our family, but for those around the world seeking natural alternatives.

Inflammation is at the source of all pain, and CBD happens to be one of the most robust natural anti-inflammatories out there.

CBD isn’t just an effective pain reliever. Its interaction with the human endocannabinoid system produces a abundance of incredible benefits. From physical to psychological ailments, the science behind CBD is very promising. We are excited and deeply grateful to be a part of a global movement toward natural health.


Our Intention
Naturally Manifest is our mantra, our motivation behind our products and our business practices. This intention is twofold. Our CBD products themselves are naturally manifest, meaning they are completely natural and transparent. Every batch of our CBD is tested by independent laboratories whose results we post regularly. No guessing games, only the highest quality ingredients. Secondly, we want to inspire our customers to naturally manifest their wellness goals in their own lives. Through our products, they can achieve results through Mother Nature without the use of harmful or addictive alternatives.


Our Mission
Allure Hemp believes in creating potent formulations to aid everyone in boosting their health and wellness in a way that feels like a luxurious treatment, not medicine. We believe in the power of our responsibility of harnessing one of nature’s oldest healers as a trusted and reliable source. Our hopes and dreams are alongside those of our customers through premium ingredients, sustainable practices, and charitable endeavors.


Our Process
First and foremost, 100% of our process happens in the USA. We source non-GMO industrial hemp grown under organic practices in Colorado and California. These practices dictate that no pesticides or herbicides are permitted. From these powerful plants, we procure our CBD isolate via CO2 extraction, the cleanest extraction method available in the industry. Because we use isolate, there are zero traces of THC in our products. Each batch is tested by third-party, independent laboratories for potency and contaminants. We are committed to transparency, regularly posting these results online.

We then combine our isolate with more of nature’s powerful healers to accelerate benefits to overall health. Ingredients like rosemary essential oil, known for its immune support, and tea tree oil, with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, were carefully chosen and formulated in specific ratios to generate potent relief. Our ingredients also have a synergistic anti-ageing effect on the skin, an added luxury we are pleased to offer. This blend is, calming,, soothing, and a great addition to a daily wellness regimen.

We specifically chose transdermal delivery for its localized effect on pain and inflammation as it’s delivery provide some of the longest-lasting paint relief of all the methods currently available.

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