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What Health Benefits can CBD provide? Find out here!

If you have been wondering what health benefits CBD can provide, then this is the article for you.

Cannabidiol, or CBD as its more commonly known as these days, is a powerful supplement that possesses anti-inflammatory properties.

It also has the ability to help manage many untreatable diseases better. CBD has been shown to help fight things like cancer cell growth and Irritable Bowel Syndrome and it has also helped improve symptoms of schizophrenia. 

CBD is one of over a hundred cannabinoids that are found in many plants, and in particular the cannabis plant. (R). CBD and THC are the most widely known compounds that can be found in the cannabis plant and they are also the most researched as well. However, unlike THC, CBD actually produces no psychoactive effects. 

In some cases, it actually counteracts the high that is brought on by THC.(R, R2).  CBD administered in larger than usual doses may indeed enhance the effect of THC (R).

Many previously untreatable conditions have shown to benefit from the use of CBD in a person's body. ®)


allure hemp cbd health benefits


Here are just some of the health benefits CBD can provide:

1) CBD can help fight cancer

CBD has an anti-tumor effect and is being used more and more to improve upon the current cancer treatments (R). Cannabidiol was shown to actually stop the growth of cancer cells in patients that have developed cervical cancer (R, R2). CBD has been shown to also increase the death of cell tumors in patients that have leukemia (R, R2, R3). Cannabidiol shows to be a valuable tool when combined with traditional therapy for cancers in the breast and prostate. This is due to its antitumor effects plus how it improves the usefulness of traditional anti-tumor drugs that reduce pain(R, R2, R3).


2) CBD helps to reduce pain

CBD is a promising therapeutic agent for many pain-associated disorders. This is due to its anti inflammatory properties.To reduce pain, CBD reduces the growth of neutrophils as well as reduces inflammatory protein from B-cells (R).


3) CBD may protect us from neurodegenerative diseases

Cannabidiol was found to prevent the toxic effects of neurotransmitters and radical oxygen species in the brain and therefore prevents unnecessary brain cell death (R, R2). CBD also has more antioxidant activity than vitamin C or vitamin E (R).


4) CBD may relieve Multiple Sclerosis symptoms

Derivatives of cannabis may relieve symptoms in multiple sclerosis patients (R). Sativex, a combination of CBD and THC, is effective in the treatment of various conditions like muscle tightness, poor sleep, and urinary incontinence in people with multiple sclerosis (R, R2, R3).


5) CBD has therapeutic potential for Schizophrenia

CBD is a potential treatment for psychosis and improves symptoms of schizophrenia. (R, R2) However, what regions of the brain CBD effects are still largely unknown. (R, R2).

6) CBD may help with Epileptic Seizures

CBD shows to be a very promising therapy for the successful treatment of resistant epilepsy (R, R2).


7) CBD reduces Anxiety

Cannabidiol helps to reduce anxiety in both normal individuals and patients who have a social anxiety disorder (R, R2). Studies showed that CBD greatly reduced the anxiety and discomfort caused by public speaking (R, R2).


health benefits of CBD and HEMP


8) CBD relieves pain

Studies suggest that cannabinoids may be a new class of drugs for the treatment of chronic pain (R, R2). CBD significantly decreased chronic inflammatory and neuropathic pain in rodents (R). Cannabidiol, especially in combination with THC, shows promising results for the treatment of postoperative pain, chronic pain associated with multiple sclerosis, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and neuropathic pain (R, R2, R3). Studies showed that CBD and opioids acted together to relieve pain (R).

9) CBD may be beneficial in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Due to its anti-inflammatory effects, cannabinoids may provide relief of joint pain and swelling. CBD can also decrease joint destruction and disease progression (R). Administration of CBD protected joints against intense damage, and produced improvement of arthritis in test animals. (R).


10) CBD relieves nausea and increases appetite

A study showed that CBD relieved nausea and vomiting when it was given to rats (R).

Researchers also found that CBD in low doses decreases nausea and vomiting produced by highly toxic drugs, but only in low doses. In high doses it increases nausea or has no effect in animal models (R, R2).


11) CBD lowers incidence of Diabetes

The study which included 4,657 people showed that current cannabis use was associated with a 16% lower insulin levels when fasting, as well as smaller waist circumferences which is a large factor connected to the onset of diabetes (R).


12) CBD may promote heart health

Recent studies report CBD can cause dilation of arteries and protect blood vessels from damage in animals (R). CBD reduced the size of damage from clogged blood vessels in the heart and brain, and improved irregular heart rhythms in test animal (R, R2).


13) CBD may treat Depression

According to US researchers, CBD has shown to have antidepressant-like effects in mice (R, R2). Study found that the antidepressant effects from CBD were speedy and continued over a long period of time. CBD was found to be comparable to a common tricyclic medication imipramine, also known as Tofranil (R, R2).


14) CBD may help with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Studies have shown that CBD does prevent colitis in animal models with IBD (R, R2, R3).

The combination of CBD and THC reduced inflammation and relieved symptoms of IBD such as abdominal pain and reduced appetite (R).


15) CBD may protect against bacteria

CBD showed some antimicrobial activity against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), a scary bacterium that can cause a very difficult-to-treat infection (R).


benefits of cbd

16) CBD may protect us from Mad Cow Disease

CBD has been shown to inhibit prions, which are the proteins that cause fatal neurodegenerative diseases like Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and mad cow disease. In studies, CBD increased the survival time of infected mice by almost a week (R).


17) CBD promotes bone growth

Test rodents with broken bones and limbs healed much faster when treated with CBD (R).

18) CBD reduces Dyskinesia

Dyskinesia causes involuntary movements in humans. CBD has been found to reduce the symptoms of dyskinesia in mice (R).


19) CBD may help with Insomnia

Research suggests that taking some CBD  one hour before bedtime improves sleep in people with insomnia (R).

20) CBD can be effective for treating substance abuse

Recent studies suggest that CBD may be a very good therapy for substance abuse and disorders of that nature. CBD reduces the rewarding effects of drugs like morphine, and reduced drug-seeking behavior in tests on animals (R, R2).

For more on this subject read this article Does CBD Really Help With Opioid Addiction


21) CBD can help you quit smoking

Research suggests that inhaling CBD for a week might reduce the number of cigarettes smoked by approx 40%. And as a bonus, the craving for nicotine will be reduced.(R).


22) CBD can be an effective treatment for acne

CBD decreases lipid synthesis and the proliferation of human beings’ sebaceous glands. Cannabidiol has an anti-inflammatory effect on sebaceous glands which gives it the potential to be a therapeutic agent for the treatment of acne vulgaris (R).


23) CBD may play a role is managing psoriasis

CBD reduces the growth of skin cells called keratinocytes and plays an important potential role in the treatment of psoriasis (R).

There you have it. 23 health benefits that CBD can provide. We hope you enjoyed this article and we encourage you to try Allure CBD Pain Cream to help soothe aching and tired joints.


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