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CBD Education Series - What You Should Know About CBD

Welcome to our series on CBD Education. This is part one of a multi-part educational series that takes a deeper dive into the pros and cons of using CBD.

In this article, we start with some of the most common questions when it comes to CBD. They are as follows:

  • Is it legal to buy CBD products online?
  • What does CBD do?
  • How long do CBD products take to work?
  • How does CBD make you feel?
  • How long do CBD effects last?

We have done the research for you and came back with the answers to these important questions about CBD. You might even find some of the answers to be quite surprising so read on.


Is it legal to buy CBD products online?

Yes. You can purchase CBD products online from any of the hundreds of websites out there that market CBD these days. CBD is legal to purchase online in the US in all 50 states, as long as it is derived from industrial hemp and not recreational marijuana. In the states where marijuana is legal, you can buy CBD legally there too. 

is it legal to buy cbd online


What does CBD do?

This is a harder question to answer correctly than one might think. Our best answer goes like this. What CBD does to you is not quite as important as what it does not do to your body. And that difference is that CBD will not get you high like marijuana. This makes CBD attractive as a way to manage ailments like arthritis and pain because you won't feel the effects of being stoned.

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How long does CBD products take to work?

Until very recently, there was not much testing being done on CBD. Researchers did not have access to the cannabis plant because it was illegal at the federal level, so no one did much with it. So to answer the question of hong long does CBD take to work, we had to go directly to the people who use it. Our best answer as to how long does CBD take to work si that it starts immediately after you take it. You will instantly start reaping the rewards of taking CBD as it will quickly enter your endocannabinoid system and bolster it up so it is firing properly again. Over the first two weeks using CBD is when you will feel the most noticeable effects which may include better sleeping and sharper focus.


How does CBD make you feel?

Like we mentioned above, common effects from taking CBD include sharper focus and better sleep. Some say they just feel better overall but cannot explain it beyond that. 

Maybe a better way to look at this is to realize how CBD doesn't make you feel rather than the other way around. Many CBD users say that they experience smaller levels of anxiety when dosing CBD properly. They claim to be calmer and handle stress better. They say that body pains virtually disappear or at least are diminished enough to not bother them anymore.

But the most important way CBD can make you feel better is by improving your sleep. Waking up rested is the best way to a healthy lifestyle.


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How long do CBD effects last?

Studies show that CBD can last in your system for between 6-8 hours depending gon the size of the dose and how badly the body needs the added CBD. 

It takes only about 20 seconds for the CBD to hit your system and then it rains for a third of the day. Most people end up dosing twice a day to keep their CBD levels at an optimum level.

CBD Education Series - Part Two

In part two of this series, we will look at many more common questions including 

Can you take CBD on a plane?

Does CBD get you high?

Can my pets take CBD?

All research for this article was conducted through in-person interviews with real patients or through the research done at Harvard University.

What is the best CBD cream for pain?

If you are in the market for a great pain cream I recommend Allure Hemp Cream for Pain. 


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