how to become an affiliate?

Easy, just fill out the application and provide as much data as you can. How are you planning to bring traffic to our website. If you need ideas, just reach out to us and one of our team members will help you out!

Allure Hemp tracks your users for forty five (45) days since they visited the website. If the same user was referred by two or more affiliates, the first link will be credited.

We are just starting and are willing to offer 20% commissions, the following will be deducted before the affiliate commissions will be calculated;

  • sales tax
  • domestic shipping $7.95


easy and simple

We don’t really mind if you are a large website and can bring hundreds of sales or a single person that would like to make an extra dollar here and there. We would like to share our amazing product with the world and enjoy the healthiest and most natural way you can to 



We will review all your referrals in the following month and do our best to make the payment within 30 days. 

i.e in January 2019 you referred customers to total of $1,000, your commissions are 20%, meaning it’s $200. You will get paid by mid March 2019.

We are required by law to issue 1099 forms for affiliates that will generate over $1,000 a year. If your commissions will be approaching $1,000 we will require you to fill out the 1099 form before you can get paid.